Traveling from Athens to Santorini by ferry

Ferry traveling off the caldera of Santorini, Greece

The ferry options to travel from Athens to Santorini by ferry

Santorini is one of the most iconic islands in Greece. And not without reason! The spectacular sunsets of this volcanic Aegean island attract millions of travelers every year.

The most fun, safe, and environmentally friendly way to travel from Athens to Santorini is hands down by ferry. It takes between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the itinerary and type of ferry. The good news is that there are several ferry companies for you to choose the one that best suits your travel needs.

Here is a brief overview of the ferry routes that connect Athens with Santorini:

Piraeus - Santorini with Blue Star Ferries

One of the most popular Greek ferry companies connecting the port of Piraeus with the Cyclades is Blue Star Ferries. It is the most affordable way to reach Santorini by ferry from Athens. At the same time, it is likely the slowest, as it mainly operates big conventional ferries. This is not necessarily a drawback since bigger ships means more stability, in case you usually get seasick on board! The journey takes about 7 to 8 hours. In summer, there are two daily departures from Piraeus. All Blue Star Ferries vessels are modern, with comfortable cabins, facilities for people with disabilities, and pet amenities.

Piraeus - Santorini with Seajets

Seajets operates modern highspeed ferries making it an ideal choice if speed matters to you. There are daily departures from Piraeus to Santorini during the summer. The journey takes between 4 and 5 hours, based on the itinerary. Its highspeed ferries provide facilities for people with disabilities and areas designed especially for pets. Of course, if you're the kind who likes to hang out on the deck with your friends, you might want to consider that there is limited outdoor access during the trip, as on most high-speed ferries.

Piraeus - Santorini with Minoan Lines

Minoan Lines' high-speed ferry Santorini Palace serves ferry routes from the port of Piraeus to Santorini. The journey takes about 6 hours. Santorini Palace has two bars, one shop and offers additional provisions for people with disabilities. Various seat options are available for a comfortable travel experience, including economy seats with or without a table, premium seats, and VIP seats with a table.

Piraeus - Santorini with Fast Ferries

Thunder is a modern high-speed ferry operated by Fast Ferries. It connects the port of Piraeus with Santorini in about 7 hours, with in-between stops in Syros, Mykonos, Paros, and Ios. Its comfortable interiors are accessible to people with disabilities and offer standard airline-style seats or premium VIP options. It has three bars and one shop.

Rafina - Santorini with Golden Star Ferries

An alternative way to get from Athens to Santorini is via the port of Rafina. Golden Star Ferries serves the Rafina-Santorini route with the Superexpress high-speed ferry during the summer. The journey takes about 5 hours.

All the above ferry companies support e-tickets to check in online and get your boarding pass on your mobile device. This way, you can board your ferry without printing or picking up a paper ticket - as long as you keep your device fully charged!