The role of cookies

Cookies allow us to ensure we are providing you with the service which is most adapted to your needs. They are small files stored on your computer which record some of your preferences, such as the language you prefer to view the website in or the last trip you searched for. 

Types of cookies we use 

Strictly necessary cookies: These are cookies that are required for the basic operation of easyFerry, powered by Ferryhopper. They may include as an example, those cookies that permit you to log-in to your account, or those that allow a booking to be performed. 
Analytical/performance cookies. These allow us to ensure easyFerry powered by Ferryhopper remains easy to use at all times. They record, for example, which pages you visit, in what order, and at what stage you leave. This allows us to understand which parts of our website need further clarification or should be connected to which other pages. 

Functionality cookies: These are used to provide you with specific personal functionalities, the ability for the site to address you by name or to remember how you had filled specific forms on our website. This information we will only use if you allow us to.

Targeting cookies: These cookies take note of the fact that you visited our website, what you have visited and which links you clicked on. Based on your agreement, we may use this information to ensure any advertisement displayed on our site is relevant. We may also share this information with third parties. 

Third Party Cookies

We do not only use our own cookies, but we also collaborate with some other companies who support us in providing you with the easiest ferry crossings. We use Google Analytics as a tool to understand the number of people who visit our website, how they use it and from this, we can understand how we can improve it. The cookies that Google Analytics uses may for example track how long you spend on our website or on a particular page and at what stage you decided to leave the website. For more information, see the official Google Analytics page.

We also regularly test new features or make changes to the way the website looks and feels. When we do this, we use cookies to understand whether our users find these changes useful or whether on the contrary we should roll back or review some of these changes. 

To ensure that our website is well connected with the different tools you use online, we collaborate with facebook and twitter who will set their own cookies through our website. These are set according to their own privacy policies and may enable them to target advertising to you more closely related to your needs. By using these social media buttons, you are consenting to those companies’ own privacy policies as well as ours. 

Last but not least, we use affiliation tracking cookies in certain cases when you are redirected to our website from some specific affiliates we have agreements with. In this specific case, the affiliation cookie we set will apply an additional service fee cost which covers the cost of our affiliation agreement. If a service fee is applied to the cost of your booking, it will be clearly itemised in your summary page, before payment. If you have declined the use of cookies, or if you manually remove the cookies we set, and you are not sent to our affiliation section (, then there will be a service fee applied to your booking. 

Further information

We do hope we have responded to most of your queries on this page, but if there is any further information you might require, then please do get in touch with the Ferryhopper team, who powers easyFerry. 

Disabling cookies

The button at the bottom of this page will allow you to disable cookies on easyFerry powered by Ferryhopper. We wouldn’t recommend you do this, as it could affect your experience of the website. 

Se non ti piace l'idea dei cookies, clicca sul bottone sottostante e smetteremo di usarli!