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The Greek islands offer an incredible selection of choices for your holidays, from archeological vestiges, to the whitest of sandy beaches, every traveller will find their fare in the Aegean sea. But how do you get there? The logistics of getting from Anafi to Astypalea can be a nightmare even for Greeks who have been travelling through the islands every year. With dozens of companies operating hundreds of routes, all of these changing every year, keeping on top of the easiest way of getting from island to island can be a headache. 

easyFerry comes to make ferry travelling easy and fun. It is a child of the joint effort of Ferryhopper (www.ferryhopper.com) with easyGroup. The website and the customer support are powered by the excellent service of www.ferryhopper.com. In simple words, easyFerry is the easiest way to book your ferry for the Greek islands and other treasures of the Mediterranean! We also provide crossings from Italy, Turkey and Albania into Greece. We are proud to be the easiest way to make your island-hopping dreams come true.

easyFerry builds an easy experience on ferryhopper’s innovations for booking and routing. And yes, it is a top priority to share this with our customers! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, easy booking process for direct and indirect trips, and our convenient e-ticketing services.

We want to piece together all the parts of the puzzle that you have been missing all these years; those pieces that have made planning your ferry trip complex and challenging. We want you to become a true traveller and explore all available trip options to get to your dream destinations, quickly, easily, and in the most cost-effective way. We want to offer you a complete and easy-to-use ferry booking suite.

As easily as you would have booked a flight, you can now book your trips to the Greek islands, using easyFerry as your ticket provider!